What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

SERVPRO's clean up was immaculate to perfection and when they came onsite, they were very knowledgeable.  Special thanks to Maria and Jason for a job well done.

10 out of 10....Continue with your excellent customer service!  The technicians even covered their shoes when they were here...greatly appreciated.

Monica B. from one of our many low income housing developments called me in a panic.  One of the pipes broke on the third floor of their building. Water was gushing down all three floors.  She immediately turned off the water from the main valve and then called plumber to come in and repair the pipe.  Our crew got there immediately and started the major clean up. We had equipment on each floor to extract water from the carpeting and set up our air movers and dehumidifiers to begin the drying process.  Monica was so relieved that our crew got there immediately and the "getting back to normal" process began. She called to tell me how very much she appreciates what we do for her and her tenants.  A lot of the tenants were sick and elderly and things like this do alarm them.  This is their home and they always want to feel safe.  We kept them calm during this process.  They were back in their apartments in a timely manner and all was well thanks to SERVPRO

It is always great to get a testimonial from one of our customers. It is even better to get one from a new account.  Mr. S. was so appreciative that we got out to his facility at a time when we were so swamped with frozen pipe emergencies day and night.  He had six inches of water in his basement from a pipe that burst due to insufficient heat in that area.  He advised that our guys did a great job in getting his basement back to normal.  He also complimented them on their professionalism and knowledge as to what equipment was necessary to do the job fast and properly.

Kathy had nothing but praise for SERVPRO.  Her valve broke on her washing machine and water flooded her finished basement.  Our guys got here asap and extracted all the water from her beautiful carpets. No replacement here.  All saved!

Friendly people who do great work. They helped us after our basement flooded. Clean up was quick and easy, and they did a beautiful job refinishing our basement. Highly recommend.

Thank you to all of you!! Your help and expertise has been invaluable to us in this unfortunate situation. Please tell Kevin, Jim, and the crew we are very grateful for your work and guidance.  

-Brad Adey 

The team at SERVPRO of southern Delaware county are very professional. Walked me through all the steps after my hot water tank leaked.

I am beyond impressed with SERVPRO of Southern Delaware County. I called them out and two techs were at my house within an hour they have exceeded my expectations. Jim is very professional and diligent.

SERVPRO of Southern Delaware County were great and on the ball, your production technician Donovan was very helpful; I was very happy and satisfied with the services your technicians completed in my house. Thank You again!

Your production manager Jim Duffy did an outstanding!!! job. Thank you